Ethics and Sustainability


The core of Jessie June’s vision: to provide luxurious fashion from sustainable and ethical sources.


The business starts with sourcing only sustainable fabrics including lyocell, silk, bamboo and organic cotton.


Half of the materials used are ‘deadstock’ fabrics, meaning the business is giving a second life to fabric that may have been over ordered from other designers, and destined for landfill. The other half has been locally sourced by manufactures in Bali, keeping Jessie June’s environmental footprint low.


In addition, designer Sarah Gregory hand colours some of the fabrics with natural dye such as turmeric, saffron, beetroot and indigo powders in her Mermaid beach studio.


In order to keep Jessie June’s eco footprint low and conscience clear, the business recycles its fabric, creating small accessories from left over fabrics for which all profits go directly to: